Founded by a mother scientist and a daughter cancer survivor, Cosmic View is a line of the purest organic cannabis products formulated with science and traditional herbal wisdom. 

Our products are formulated, sourced and packaged in solidarity with planet earth.


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Only the highest quality, pesticide-free, full sun cannabis goes into our hand-crafted Cosmic View formulations. Our cannabis comes from Trinity County, California and is grown with the utmost love and respect for the earth by our small, craft farmers. 

We use full flower for all of our CBD products, ensuring the highest quality of medicine we can possibly deliver to our patients. We are firmly dedicated to making medicine only with cannabis derived ingredients, just as we believe mother nature intended. 

Our products are never, ever made with harsh chemicals—we collaborate closely with our cultivators and extractor to use a supercritical CO2 extraction method that minimizes terpene and valuable phytonutrient loss during the cannabis extraction process. While some manufacturers produce highly processed cannabis extracts that are lightly colored or clear oils or white powders, our concentrates are less refined and retain more of the natural polyphenols and chlorophyll from the plant that have antioxidant, anti-cancer and other health promoting benefits.

Our non-cannabis ingredients are either grown on our organic farm in Northern California or mindfully sourced from organic local growers, whenever possible. 

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Our co-founder / formulator / resident scientist, Christine Skibola, PhD uses her vast scientific background to produce Cosmic View’s cannabis products aimed at helping individuals with specific health conditions. 

Each formulation is backed by scientific research on the biological actions of all of our ingredients and their potential synergistic effects. 

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