Whether you are new to cannabis or have a long relationship with this plant medicine, our consultations are designed to help you figure out how cannabis can help with a variety of issues including autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, anxiety and general health and well being. All consultations are offered by UC Berkeley trained scientist Christine Skibola, PhD who has studied the relationship between diet, lifestyle, environment and disease/health outcomes for over 20 years. Dr. Christine Skibola earned her BS, MS and PhD at UC Berkeley in nutrition and Environmental Health Sciences.

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Cannabis Consultations

Dr. Skibola applies her extensive background in scientific research to determine the right cannabis products for your specific health and wellness needs.  Using up-to-date, peer-reviewed scientific research and her broad knowledge of the biomolecular actions of cannabinoids, she helps patients determine the most suitable cannabis strains, doses and modes of delivery based on an individual’s age, medical history and health conditions. This session is a more in depth review of health history and goals and may be added to the complimentary 15 minute session if needed.  

30 minute session:  $90



Holistic Health Consultations

To begin your personalized wellness program, this offering includes a consultation with Dr. Skibola for recommendations on cannabis products in addition to nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on your specific health and wellness needs. Includes an assessment encompassing your health history, current health concerns and health and wellness goals.  

1 hour session:  $250



Health Planning After a Cancer Diagnosis

This consultation offers clients education and support to address the issues that cancer patients face during and after a cancer diagnosis.  Dr. Skibola’s goal is to educate, support and empower you so that you can influence your own positive cancer healing outcomes. The initial consultation includes discussing ways to enhance recovery, alleviate side effects and promote wellness through nutrition, supplements, environment, and lifestyle changes. The price below includes a comprehensive review of records, medical history and preparation of recommendations. 

1 hour session + 1/2 hour follow up: $400

Additional follow up 1/2 hour sessions: $90