In April of last year, I became one of those persons in dire need when I was diagnosed with advanced Stage 3B endometrial and cervical cancer.The Cosmic View tinctures helped alleviate my symptoms by dramatically reducing my nausea so that I was able to consume food and I began to gain weight. Over the course of several weeks, I was able to substitute CBD/THC tincture for the morphine with no withdrawals. While I don’t know this for certain, I also believe that the cannabis treated my cancer as I opted to not receive further treatment and have not relapsed. I have been on the road to recovery since last year and feel like I was given a new lease on life. The doctors are amazed. I know that Cosmic View products are carefully formulated using the best ingredients available and the quality of their products is evident in how well my body responded to the cannabis. Christine’s academic background, coupled with her compassion for helping people, gave me confidence and strength. She tells it like it is. She made me understand that a will to live is a choice. The comfort that these products gave me, encouraged that will. - Shannon, San Francisco

I have been using tinctures for 7 years. I've experienced many strains and ratios. Cosmic view has a very smart and sophisticated way of formulating their tinctures. It's a magical combination of science and instinct. My personal favorite is their 20:1. It creates a sense of well being and spiritual uplifting  that is unmatched in the tincture world. - John, East Bay

A friend of mine recently gave me samples of your products and now I'm completely obsessed. I have crippling pain and inflammation in my hands and feet and I have yet to find anything that helps as much as these products do (I've tried a ton!). - Madeleine, Venice

I had ordered from you a bit ago over the holidays and just wanted to THANK YOU for the amazing products. I honestly have not felt this good and well rested since before my breast cancer diagnosis.  - Kat, Los Angeles

Cosmic View transformed my relationship to cannabis. It’s full plant medicine is made with the intention you want for healing and the care you want to make already great days exceptionally elevated. - Taliesen, West Marin

As a scientist, I’m naturally skeptical about wellness claims. That’s why I was especially surprised by the results I got with Cosmic View’s Viva La V! It completely calmed the persistent itch that afflicts ladies of a certain age and smoothed the way for intimacy. I love that the ingredients are 100% organic and the fragrant ylang ylang is intoxicating. - Sharon, Marin County

I have used the entire Cosmic View line and am so grateful for the research, science, and care that goes into each product.  As someone who has long been interested in experimenting with cannabis for fun and for wellness, I love being able to trust the integrity of the ingredients and descriptions of the products.  

The 3:1 tincture is my favorite for a calm body buzz. The skincare products smell so good that using them becomes a ritual. I rub the Deep Down onto my wrist, which hurts from so much phone and keyboard use. I use the Solstice Stick to protect my skin from places where my wetsuit rubs, and I use the Vive la V for lube. All highly recommended. - McKay, West Marin



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